I currently work in radio for the Australian Broadcasting Commission as Local Radio Content Director for Victoria.

I have traveled extensively and have over 12 years of management experience at a senior executive level within the hospitality, events, media and tourism industry and a passion for current innovation, niche markets and trends.

I bring a wealth of experience to the table from within the media industry (commercial and public) as well as from a corporate industry perspective. I am an ideas person and have extensive experience in advertising, marketing, branding and event management and a genuine understanding of what is involved when dealing with the diverse and complex issues that a large variety of stakeholders (each with an individual agenda) involve.

I am comfortable working with govt in an advisory role. In previous roles I have developed large scale events, festivals, concerts and award ceremonies. These events included marketing and strategic communication, public relations, cross media management and logistic operations. I have worked with multinational corporate companies to launch products targeting specific consumers, researching and developing concepts and seeing them thru to successful execution. I am experienced in developing strategies and communicating with a broad cross section of departments to achieve project goals and desired outcomes to budget.
My experience in managing varied cultural backgrounds has given me the ability to deal with conflict effectively and communicate with diverse nationalities of all ages.

Working as the national emergency broadcaster I am completely confident with dealing with emergency situations and response activities. I have worked closely with Emergency Services in Western Australia and Victoria to develop and implement new communication strategies for media.

Having built large scale events financed by sponsorship, one of my strengths is identifying potential partners.
I am comfortable giving presentations and being a key speaker to varied and diverse audiences.

I am in the business of communication and comfortable working across and communicating with a large number of departments within a government organisation. In this position as in previous positions I develop and maintain relationships directly with members of parliament, ministerial offices, educational and advisory groups, external stakeholders and executive and senior management.

As regional Content Director for ABC Local Radio I manage 8 regional stations:

ABC Mildura SwanHill

ABC Western Victoria

ABC South West Victoria

ABC Ballarat

ABC Central Victoria

ABC Shepparton

ABC Goulburn Murray

ABC Gippsland